Velour leggins

In any situation and in every look, leggings are appropriate. Stylish leggings so favorably emphasize feminine bends, pulling and giving volume where necessary. Therefore, fashionistas are happy to wear a seductive couple in a variety of ensembles. Until now, many girls have avoided this trend. It is important to learn how to wear it. Leggings always look good with: oversized sweaters; sweatshirts and sweatshirts; “Stretched" tunic shirts; voluminous jackets; business cardigans in masculine style; coat and raincoats; fluffy fur coats. If you want to stand out against the background of more modest fashionistas, wear leggings brightly. Open the tummy with a short top, emphasize the shape.

Fashionable velour leggings with triumph returned to the world catwalks. All the leading stylist designers were surprised with them even in 2009, after which after a couple of years there was a lull. The thing was hastily forgotten by fashionistas, but couturiers were able to breathe a second life into it. Women appreciated practical, versatile clothing. Design novelties try on young ladies and mature ladies. Leggings easily model a figure, making it more attractive. Presented products should become part of the fashion sets of this season.

Velour leggins

Velour is a velvet fabric pleasant to the touch, carried out by the method of weaving. It is comfortable to wear. It does not interfere with air circulation and quickly absorbs moisture. Velour leggings are made of smooth, embossed, shaped fabric. Its main advantages are strength, durability. It is important to properly care for velour items. So they retain their original appearance for a long time, no spools are formed on them.

Velour leggings have a light-weighting effect that attracts women. The thing corrects the figure a little, hiding the problem areas, emphasizing the feminine bends.

Velour leggings are presented in design collections in a wide variety. This allows women with different types of figures to choose the perfect thing for themselves. Ladies with curvaceous forms should take a closer look at products with a high waist. They reliably hide excess volumes, making bends smooth, elegant.

Young ladies prefer comfortable leggings with an average fit on an elastic band. They are good not only in everyday looks but also when visiting the gym. Nike pro models are ideal for any fitness, yoga. The model is designed for fans of an active lifestyle. Leggings are suitable for walking, hiking - nothing restricts movements, everything is as comfortable as possible. Things are of high quality.

The presented models differ in the length and by the decor. For summer, you can choose shortened items. They look stylish in addition to decorative embroidery. For a warm spring, just look for new ankle lengths. As the decor pockets or locks are used. In autumn, leggings with imitation treads are good. Most products offer a wide belt, a double seam. You should not think that leggings are a thing exclusively for every day, for walking. If you are going on a date, try on a novelty decorated with embroidery, with slots in your knees. The second option for the evening is a thing with transparent side inserts, complemented by a scattering of rhinestones and stones. Be careful with this decor. Its excess often reduces the cost of the outfit.