Winter shorts

Baggy women's shorts with bright print or patterns do not lose popularity. Stylists recommend paying attention to striped patterns, check, spotty or colorful flowers. Products with ethnic ornaments and logos also look trendy. Brave girls can afford products from shiny fabrics, decorated with sequins or rhinestones. Classic women's shorts resembling cropped trousers are in demand. This model is suitable for work and study. Of course, when there is no dress code. Classic models look stylish with strict shirts, blouses, and cardigans. You can go for a walk or a date on a hot day in short high-waisted shorts. Leather models or a quality substitute will help emphasize luxurious hips. For the summer, spacious women's shorts made of delicate silk will be an excellent option. In the gym you can buy wide women's shorts to the knees, in which it will be convenient to carry out any exercises.

The wardrobe of each female representative is unique and multifaceted. An important niche in it is occupied by women's winter shorts because you really want to look stylish, sexy in cold weather. While in the summer, society treats short trousers calmly, in the winter month there are disputes rage over the extravagant, slightly provocative element of women's clothing. They have become a worthy substitute for a skirt, due to their comfort, warming qualities and original appearance.

Winter shorts

Winter shorts should be chosen in the same way as regular summer shorts, based on the characteristics and proportions of the figure. First, you need to study your own body parameters carefully and to note the best aspects, the existing disadvantages.

Shorts vary in length, each of which has its own advantages. Long models have the length as two palms from the knee. It is quite universal, suitable for any type of figure. Loose products help overweight women conceal excessive volumes in the hips. Tight fit emphasizes sexuality and slim legs. Short shorts are suitable exclusively for slim, athletic, and those who are looking after themselves. They offer a view of the legs, which should look perfect. Cellulite, full flabby hips are a complete contraindication of wearing this model of shorts.

Warm shorts have the versatility of use. They are practical, comfortable; they do not constrain movement, and they are warm in cold weather. An extensive assortment of fabrics used for the manufacture of insulated products allows you to look attractively harsh in winter and cold in spring and autumn. In current seasons, products from velvet, tweed, warm wool, dense knitwear, leather, and suede remain trendy.

What to wear with warm shorts is the main question that millions of women ask. Many avoid such a spectacular wardrobe element because of ignorance, inability to correctly compose a harmonious image. First of all, it should be understood on what occasion the outfit is made, take into account the features of the figure. Given the advice of stylists, you canít always worry about your own appearance. Black color models have a number of advantages that help them not to go out of fashion for many years. They are suitable for any type of figure, for various events. Short products are favorable for everyday looks, long ones will become an original alternative in an office wardrobe.