Flared skirts

The best performance properties are demonstrated by natural materials with a small percentage of hypoallergenic synthetics, reinforcing indicators such as elasticity; strength; perfect appearance (which is important for prolonged wear and regular washing). For the warm season, models made of thin cotton, silk, chiffon, and air lace are suitable. For winter, it is better to buy a skirt made of wool, jacquard fabrics, and tweed. Knitwear and cotton are considered universal. The latter, by the way, is the personification of a democratic casual style - a symbol of urban fashion. Such skirts are beyond competition.

The flared skirt is perfectly known to you, your grandparents and mothers, but it is better known to everyone under the name "the sun." Amazingly, from year to year, from generation to generation, it did not go down from the catwalks, accumulating in its more and more sophisticated details that could not leave the heart of fashionistas indifferent.

Flared skirts

Who do they fit to and how to choose?

Its main feature can be considered an eerie look that a girl acquires, trying on this model skirt. The sun-flared skirt exudes a girlish gash and crazy energy. This style of skirt is perfect for both teenagers and older girls. And it will give the teenager confidence, and the older girls will throw off a couple of extra years and allow them to feel like a schoolgirl again, a seventeen-year-old graduate.

Despite its classic appearance and austere image, thanks to the features of the cut, the sun-skirt is your ticket to the world of flirtation and mischief. This skirt has been called "the sun" because of some reasons, it is easy to know, spreading it on a horizontal surface, and you will get a perfect circle.

Letís remember that universal love and recognition reached the skirt of the sun in the sixties. This is clearly seen when analyzing the masterpieces of cinematography of the time. All the popular actresses of the time flaunt before camera lenses in various variations of flared skirts. Despite the fact that this is followed by oblivion, for several decades, the skirt has disappeared from use, it is impossible to forget its revival in the 90s.

The next wave of popularity of flared skirts has fallen on our age, namely the last few seasons because already the models of our time are confidently walking in the sun-flared skirts on the catwalks in the creations of famous fashion designers.

Such a skirt looks perfect in combination with something moderately catchy and rather laconic. In this case, to combine a leather skirt with knitted T-shirts or tops is considered a bad tone.

In the autumn and winter of this year, it is worth paying attention to the flared skirts made of unusual materials for the cool time of the year, namely: everyone's favorite silk, chiffon fabric, and dense lace. Thanks to these materials, you can create extraordinary and yet very elegant images for every day. Despite the weather outside the window, thanks to the light and enticing materials, you will be able to maintain femininity and romanticism in the harsh winter or rainy autumn.