Leather suits

The most common version of a women's suit is a business or office one, combining classic wardrobe features and interpreting them in the manner of the 21st century. Pencil skirts, straight or slightly narrowed down trousers with belts, strict jackets with sparkling buttons, plain blouses with a folding collar and pumps, these are what a modern businesswoman looks like. The main features of a strict women's suit: clear straight lines, objective forms, minimum functional details, fixing the main features of a business style, lack of bright jewelry. But itís enough to move away from the patterns, and the women's suit becomes the embodiment of a soft, versatile casual style!

Usually, the best quality outerwear and shoes are made of leather. But in the latest fashion season, there was a real leather boom, and now in the collections of famous designers, you can find not only leather boots and jackets but also other elements of the wardrobe from this material - trousers, sweaters, skirts and so on. Clothing that this season will definitely interest stylish female representatives is a leather suit - fashion experts are sure. What is the difference between this clothing and other elements of the wardrobe?

Leather suits

The main advantage of a leather suit is that it allows you to create a very brutal and extraordinary image. In it, the girl will always look independent, stylish and self-sufficient, and it will definitely attract the attention of men. With the help of a leather suit, you can demonstrate to others your own vision of the world, for example, if you are a representative of a rock or biker culture.

At the same time, this image can be perceived by many as rude and defiant, and some even perceive outright lovers of leather textures as slightly crazy. Thus, a leather suit is ideal for those who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and hear someone else's opinion about their own taste and style.

Another distinctive feature of a leather suit is that it always requires more thorough care than any textile one. Frequent washing of leather products quickly leads to discoloration of the material and its deformation, and dust and dirt on such clothes are always more noticeable. To properly clean the leather suit, use specialized care products for them. But one thing is for sure - with a caring attitude, a leather suit will definitely last more than a dozen years.

Looking at some of the suits of contemporary designers, itís even impossible to immediately assume that they are made of leather, they are so decorated. Classic black shades of suits this season are diluted with more original sand and brown, as well as burgundy and red colors. Metal spikes, as well as chains and stripes, are usually used as decor on such suits.

To give the leather suit a more restrained look, it can be combined with a mesh fabric and decorated with embroideries. The leather suit with crystals looks pretty stylish. The combination of leather with guipure and velvet can be complete the image. As you can see, the leather suits of this season are so diverse and unusual that even an admirer of the classical style can afford to wear them.