Striped swimwear

An important selection criterion is size: a too-small swimsuit will fail to highlight all the bulges and hamper the movement and too large will hang and wrinkle inaccurately. When choosing a swimsuit, you should know such measurements:


waist and hips;

chest and under the chest.

Measurements are best taken in underwear. If the size is on the border, stylists recommend choosing smaller models. Do not forget that swimwear is sewn from elastic fabric. But if you are looking at a model with bones - in this case, choose a swimsuit one size larger so that nothing crashes and does not crush. Try to choose swimwear of famous brands that specialize in sewing beachwear. As a rule, in the manufacture of products, such manufacturers use the latest developments, high-quality materials, and accessories.

A striped print is a fashionable classic, so when preparing for the beach season, you should pay attention to the striped swimsuit. The swimwear will emphasize the style and excellent taste of the girl, and help to make adjustments to the silhouette and create a charming and spectacular look.

Striped swimwear

The striped swimsuits are one of the most common and popular styles. It is timeless and ageless, so any fashionista can use a laconic, but expressive print in clothes. However, a truly impeccable image can only be created if a woman objectively evaluates her figure and uses the basic rules for composing striped ensembles. When one glances at a strip, it moves along it.

A vertical print visually stretches the silhouette, adds a few centimeters to the height and takes a couple of kilograms from a woman. Such swimwear is sharply shown to short, full ladies.

Horizontal stripes can be insidious. It will make a loud and obvious emphasis on wide hips and an imperfect belly, therefore, owners of a magnificent figure should better refuse such a print. But sets with horizontal stripes will sit perfectly on fragile girls. They will visually make the bust and hips more voluminous, which will help to create more seductive and feminine outlines. For women with a rectangle figure, stylists recommend abandoning strict stripy patterns. Beach ensembles with flowing, rounded patterns that will add to the image of lightness and grace are more suitable for the angular silhouette. The strip, on the contrary, can only aggravate the situation.

The strip is practical, simple, but at the same time spectacular and outstanding. A striped swimwear will never look boring, even if you execute it in the simplest model without interesting elements and additional decor. The amazing ability of a laconic pattern to eclipse even complex fantasy designs allows designers to experiment safely, adding new and original striped swimsuits to the beach collections every year. Designers beat the striped print very uncommonly, changing the direction of the stripes and boldly combining them in one model. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, broken strips do not conflict with each other and can create an interesting harmonious ensemble for a bright fashionista. A black and white strip is the absolute leader and favorite in swimwear. However, this summer many brands offer to pay attention to another color scheme, combining white with pink, blue, turquoise, emerald, red colors in beach dresses. More bright colors are desired - you can try on a swimsuit with a yellow, orange or rainbow print, which uses the entire classic spectrum, from red to purple.